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No Hate Week at CLA

Many students face issues of bullying on a daily basis whether it is because of their skin color, their stature, their age, or because of the person they love. With the hope of counteracting the issue of bullying, Contemporary Learning Academy organized a Week of No Hate. By bringing awareness to these issues, the goal was to not only to provide a safe, positive atmosphere for all CLA students, but also to increase our student’s acceptance of people from all backgrounds.

No Hate Week took place during the week of January 12 and kicked off on a positive note with Kindness Trees. The trees were used to recognize the kind acts done by all members of our CLA community. The next day featured a lunch discussion where members of the CLA community gathered to discuss words that they do not like to hear or that they find hurtful. Over 25 members of the CLA community participated and talked about words that have often been used against them as insults. The next event was our largest event–the No Hate Workshop Series. Each workshop examined a different issue that students confront on a daily basis such as bullying, LGBTQ issues, and racism. To conclude the week, students signed a pledge and each wore No H8 t-shirts to show their individual commitment to stand up against hatred and bullying in the school community.

The week had a positive impact on CLA students by opening a space for these important issues to be addressed. During a discussion following the No Hate Workshop Series, students and staff met to discuss what they learned and how they felt about the day. When asked if this week was relevant, students unanimously agreed and many suggested that the Week of No Hate should become a monthly activity at CLA. Overall, the Week of No Hate was a great success and it was great to see so many young men and women speaking out against examples of hate that they witness in their lives.

Parent Portal: What’s in it for you?

ParentPortal_logoChildren do better in school when their parents are informed and take a regular, active interest in how they are doing in school. The new Parent Portal makes this easy. All the information you need is organized and displayed graphically, so it is easy to find and easy to read.

Whether you’re at home, at work, or at the library, you can logon to the Portal anywhere that has Internet access and check up on your student. Need to see if they arrived to school on time? Did you see the last test result? Wonder what you can do at home to help your student succeed? You’re just a click away.

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